The services we offer are continually expanding with all our clients benefiting from complete product design in house.

Our dedicated team work around the clock creating products from initial concept to complete creation.

Design solutions arise from meeting user needs whatever they may be.

We offer an array of services often including our overseas procurement and manufacturing facilities.

We can offer a one to one discussion with our clients to get a better knowledge of their aspirations and problems within their company in order to offer a more successful outcome.

We will then produce a detailed proposal outlining how we will proceed from start to finish the total costs incurred and the time frame in which it will be finished.

Product design is an integral part of the UK economy making efficient use of materials, time and money.

Examples of our services are:-

  • Part Supply
  • Component Supply
  • Prototyping
  • Laser cutting
  • Fabrication
  • Tool Making
  • Injection Moulding
  • CAD
  • Product Design
  • Design Solution

Case Studies

Wheel Extractor

One particular company came to us with a problem they could not solve which was removing worn/damaged wheels and axles from two wheeled bins after much brainstorming we devised a solution we fondly named the wheel extractor a manually used product saving money, time and man power and as it is fully mobile it can be transported easily from site to site without the added worry of electrics/generators etc.

“JA Innovate’s wheel press saved time, eliminated injuries and maximised recycling income – you couldn’t ask for more than that.”
- Paul Morgan, OREA.

Skip Locks

Another re-occurring problem with skip companies was not having sufficient security for their skips so we designed and created the ro-ro lock an anti theft lock made of steel to house over the hook lift making it impossible to be stolen and we also use anti tamper padlocks encased in the housing. They can be made keyed alike or individual. Some of the companies who purchased such locks had previously fallen victim to skip theft losing tens of thousands of pounds (especially if transporting bright copper as one client had been) we have had nothing but positive feedback and fantastic testimonials from skip companies.

Wheelie Bin Lock

Yet another of our unique products brand new to the market is our Wheelie bin lock made of strong durable plastic designed to fit over the handles of the bins and then can be mounted to almost any surface. This product was devised after reading statistics on lost, stolen or damaged bins.

Some of the stats included in stolen bins are they were being used to burgle homes, climb through windows then used to cart stolen items away, but one more devastating stat was that teens were using them to set alight and inhale the toxic fumes!

We see our lock as not only being a solution and preventative but potentially lifesaving too. We have worked closely with the local authorities on this one and feel it is one of our proudest achievements yet as it is also available to residential properties.