“When I won the contract to recover wheeled bins from over 50,000 homes I wondered how I was going to dismantle them safely. I had experience with the ‘hammer and screwdriver’ method but knew this was not safe. I was recommended to speak to JA Innovate and I am glad I did.
The press made short work of the bin mountain and meant that I could maximise the amount of plastic and metal for recycling. The project also achieved zero injuries – something I could not claim without the press.”
- Paul Morgan, OREA.

“I have worked within the waste sector for a number of years while working for Bradford Metropolitain District Council and during that time met Mr Jamal Ahmed of J A Innovate LTD. I asked Mr Ahmed to find a solution to two of our most re-occuring problems, one was the theft of council skips but had to be simple to use but effective, which was resolved with the unique design of the RoRoLock exclusive to J A Innovate LTD.
The second problem was the time it was taking to seperate the wheels/axles from redundant wheelie bins which yet again the solution was resolved by J A Innovate LTD by the way of the wheel extractor designed to remove said items with limited man power,expense and time.”
Barry Fisher, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council.