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Wheelie Bin Lock

Secure your wheelie bin safely to your property and prevent the theft of your bin or it blowing over in the wind and you having to clean up all the mess after a hard days work! With our unique Wheelie Bin Lock this can be prevented. The lock  is attached securely to your wall and is positioned so that you can simply slide the bin handle into the open jaws then close once this is done the unit is wind proof and theft deterrent.

If you do not have accessability for wall mounting then we also supply add ons for post/fence/ground mounting.

Why Buy a Wheelie Bin Lock?

Chances are you are here because your bin has already been stolen or blown over. If it has been been stolen then expect a bill of £40 – £60 and lots of inconvenience.  The policies  of county councils differs from area to area.  Some councils will not deliver a new wheelie bin without a crime reference number from the police and some expect you to pay the cost of  the replacement bin  plus delivery charges aswell! All these costs could be prevented by simply installing a Wheelie Bin Lock! Plus all our locks come fully equipt with FREE fittings ie: Wall plugs, screws, Padlock and keys FREE!!!

Wheelie Bin Theft!!

So why would anybody want to steal a wheelie bin? One particular alarming reason for wheelie bin theft is the convenience, thieves using the bin as a tool of choice to use as a foot up to gain entry into residents properties with intention of stealing posessions and then using the same bin to either cart goods away or swap with a neighbour until police presence has died down then returning to retrieve said goods! This is a growing problem for police so the simple solution is to lock your bin up ! Some of the countries younger generation are stealing bins for different reasons, mostly to set them ablaze. Fire departments spend hundreds of thousands of pounds each  year attending wheelie bin fires alone! Someone has to foot the bill and yes it’s you the Tax payer.

Just typing simply “Wheelie bin theft/mis-use” on Google will alone bring up the millions of statistics surrounding this topic.